Andy Evans - Motion Designer
Andy Evans - Motion Designer

Gold Xmas

That time of the year again, Christmas. The team was tasked with creating a christmas on air package to compliment the new Gold branding launched last summer. My role was to art direct the idents and bumpers (the short segments in between programmes). Using the existing idents as inspiration, we were asked to create a Christmas touch.

The route we decided to go for was adding a golden sparkly trail throughout the clips with it wrapping around the gold logo. From the original "HAHA" balloons in the existing idents, we added a simple Christmas touch with "HOHOHO" instead. The video on the left shows an early version of the route we were going for. 

After a few more rounds of finesse, colour grading and adding sound effects, we finally got there. Final video and credits below. 

Creative Head: Janine Kelly
Creative: Neil Kenny
Producer: Alex Rofaila
Art Direction & Animation: Andy Evans
3D Design: Adam Sedley
Colourist: Paul Cally
Audio: Altitude